Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Risky combination - alcohol and energy drinks

Researchers say that consumers of alcohol and energy drinks are very impulsive, although many of them don't not know.

Drinking alcohol and energy drink has become a trend but a trend that can be dangerous. This combination makes a person feel more stimulated than when they drank alcohol.

However, it has no effect on impulsivity and lack of inhibition that comes with drinking alcohol. Even when alcohol is combined with anything, and in small amounts can stimulate you and make you happy. Interference with energy drink, makes these symptoms are more pronounced.

As a result, those who drink alcohol and energy drinks can be very impulsive, and feel that they are not. So they have bad or poor judgment on their actions.

In recent years, this mixing drinks is particularly pronounced among the younger population.

But despite the trend, few laboratories examined the harmfulness of this combination. We know that combining alcohol and energy drink is very dangerous and has unknown harmful component in terms of health than individual consumption of these beverages.


  1. nice, water is best! I got health tips as well :)


  2. It's strange that combining the two would make it worse than having them separately, but I suppose they must react somehow.