Friday, April 20, 2012

What you actually inhale while smoking a cigarette?

Nicotine and tar are known as basic harmful elements found in a cigarette. However, cigarettes contain about 4,000 more substances which can be even more harmful. We will leave aside the nicotine and tar, and will try to mention some of the others you probably do not know.
Formaldehyde - a substance used to preserve dead bodies and protect them from decaying

Arsenic - Pure poison

Cyanide – poisonous gas used in gas chambers

Carbon monoxide - a gas that is deadly in large concentrations, and makes breathing more difficult in small concentrations

Naphthalene - Surely you have heard and know the white balls that are used against moths

Vinyl chloride - The substance used for making PVC

Cadmium - highly toxic metal that can be found in batteries

Acetone - Women well know what is acetone, it is a substance used for removing nail varnish

Ammonia - a substance usually found in cleaners for homes and toilets

This is a small part of the dangerous elements found in cigarettes, which smokers regularly inhale. After reading this consider whether it is worthwhile to try to quit smoking?


  1. This is scary, I will never smoke, EVER.

  2. Ugh...but the chemicals taste so good..

  3. Acetone in cigarette ?? i've never heard about this...

  4. I hate the smell of cigarettes...

  5. Smoking as I type this, and loving every chemical infused puff i take!

  6. Who ever smokes, obviously has a death wish.

  7. I smoke. I knew this before and still don't care now. We don't smoke because we don't know the danger. We smoke because it's nice and calming and tastes wonderful. Your ignorance appears to greater than that of smokers.

  8. Why do I start smoking as a kid? So difficult to leave this drug now!!
    Kids if you are watching this, NEVER start smoking! :D

  9. I need to quit this *insert a dirty word here*.