Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mechanic turbines instead of heart?!

Doctors William Back and Bud Fraser, surgeons at the University of Houston, Texas, last year brought historic operation in which the patient rather than heart laid system of turbines which operate quite differently from normal hearts.

Director Jeremiah sunburn had been filming the entire operation and make a short film that you can view the bottom, with a warning that it contains scenes that might upset you.

One zanimlivostite is that patients who are implanted "system of turbines" had no pulse, so Doctor To says that according to today's understanding of life by medicine - they are technically dead.

Fraser prior to and performed numerous successful procedures of installing the turbines instead of heart in cows, but this was the first time to feed into a man. The patient was suffering from cancer and his preostanuvale about 10-15 hours of life. After surgery the patient is awake, and without pulse lived another five weeks.

Doctors say the system is able to operate continuously for two years. Although the system has not yet been clinically approved for people, to develop and Fraser study protocols should allow this endeavor to enter into medical practice.


  1. Wow, such a great advance!

  2. robot invasion incoming in 100 years :D

  3. Welcome to 21st century! Finally, we're looking at the biggest pace of inventing new ideas, devices and techniques, especially in the world of medicine. However, this creates a lot of problems, especially ethical ones: what about the costs? Who's going to be able to afford the benefits of technology to save their very own lives? Also: what about the constantly growing age of the modern, developed societies? This surely is going to cause many problems to face, very soon.