Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alcohol can make us smarter?

Psychologist Jennifer Willie and her team came to this conclusion after having drunk their faces test - to be, and then tested their creative skills to solve problems. Compared with their results that had previously come under the influence of alcohol, tested by 0:07 level of alcohol in blood were worse in tests of memory, but did better in solving the problems. This is because alcohol, experts explain, people were helped to gain access to remote ideas, those that develop through association rather than using lineralna analysis. Linear solution to make people focus on ideas that they think are important, but actually are not. For example, if you asked Willie to continue this series of "blue cottage, Switzerland," and you say cheese, it would mean that you have accessed the remote ideas, rather than linear ones. Namely, you blue, house and Switzerland you have connected with cheese, and that is commendable and very constructive.


  1. Off to the bars! I'm going to become a genius. ^^

  2. Wait for me Vaque!

  3. I actually noticed this during the second year of my games programming course. I was doing terrible, having not paid attention to the lectures and doing no work during the labs. However, on the days directly after I had been drinking I had noticed that I was able to produce better results and resolve issues better through problem solving. This article was actually fairly interesting.