Monday, May 14, 2012

Blinds will recover their sight with implants

British scientists have managed to restore sight of two men who were completely blind.
Scientists study make the hospital at the University of Oxford.

In people suffering from genetic disease of the retina of the eye, doctors built themselves two small wireless devices that detect light. It is a chip from a German company Retina Implant AG and collecting up to 1,500 tiny light detectors. The chips are mounted under the retina.

Thanks to the chips, optic nerve fails to accept electronic signals and back patients receiving type. Interestingly, all the functions of the retina has taken the chip, and immediately after activation of so-called electronic eyes, patients can detect light and to locate objects on a dark background.

Respondents who accepted to be embedded chips Chris James to 54 years of age and Robin Iler (60) from London.


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