Monday, February 20, 2012

Five tips to reduce your risk of cancer.

The appearance of tumors as we know is more common and more intense in the world. The tumor can be benign or maligen. The worst are malignant tumors that developed metastasis and spread cancer cells throughout the body. Tumoroznoto tissue can occur in any organ and tissue in any organism. You should know that no tissue is not 100% resistant. Here are tips on what to look out for to reduce the risk of cancer of any organ.

1.Reduce your intake of sugar
Sugar, sweets or all of which are used to and they love every day and enter the organism, the potential risk of developing malignant changes in a tissue. Sugar in some way feeds tumoroznite cells and helps their growth and reproduction. Scientists say that people fivefold import more sugar than recommended, so I advise as possible to reduce intake of sugar. To start with coffee and tea we can drink without sugar, and desserts to be quantitatively small and not so common.

2.Watch your weight
The weight is a major risk for cancer. So make sure to lose weight, eat several times a day, but make sure you enter. Sproveduvajte exclusively tested diets and remember that losing weight should be implemented slowly and the longer time period.

3.Turn the garlic in the diet
For garlic we have already written, but I will mention. Garlic is an irreplaceable natural ingredient for combating malignant change. Scientists believe that people who consume garlic daily, have double less likely to catch any type of cancer compared to people who do not use. Garlic has a bad odor, it is a fact, but if you do not like this, you can put in salads, stews or any food, and it would be better than not to use it.

4.Beware of immunity
Immunity is one that keeps us everyday for any diseases and infections, and even malignant diseases. Daily use of fruits, zelenchik, drinks and any food that allows us natural intake of vitamins, helps the immune system to function properly, and thus several reduces the chances of developing a malignant disease.

5.Be physically active
Daily workouts, running or any physical activity helps the body to function properly. Physical activity relaxes us from everyday stress, and thus significantly reduces the risk of developing a malignant disease. Therefore, daily turn any physical activity as part of your daily plan and the body will be sincerely grateful.


  1. Wow, didn't know about garlic reducing risks. I'll definetly be adding it to my diet more often now.

    Can't beat roasted garlic and crackers.... mmmmmm