Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mexican scientists patented vaccine against heroin!

While Mexico is facing a multi-war with drug cartels that killed more than 47 thousand people, a group of scientists developed a vaccine that could reduce dependence on one of the worst drugs - heroin.

As previously announced on 8 February, scientists from the National Institute of Psychiatry now reports that the vaccine was successfully tested on mice, they were ready to test on people. Vaccine which is patented in the U.S., acts so that makes the body resistant to the effects of heroin so his consumer no longer feels the attacks of enjoyment when it takes.

Within the study, mice were administered to a constant dose of heroin, and those who were vaccinated, was determined a significant decrease in consumption of drugs.

"It would be a vaccine for people who are heavy drug addicts and other treatments that treatment does not help, so I decided on this method to stop being dependent," says institute director Marija Elena Medina, cited by Reuters.

For several years, scientists worldwide are trying to find a vaccine that would have solved the dependence on drugs, but still none is fully developed and put into use.

A group of American scientists from the U.S. National Institute on Drug Addiction, incoherent with Mexican scientists said it made significant progress in developing a vaccine for cocaine.

However, it appears that Mexican scientists are closer to success, and funds for development of vaccine received by Mexican and U.S. budget.

Mexico, which is a major producer of opium poppy and its derivatives, is faced with the great problem of the steady growth of heavy addicts who now stands at 450,000.

Once in 2006 took office President Felipe Calderon, he declared war on organized crime and drug mafia, which for almost six years, killed more than 47,000 people. However, given the widespread corruption among government and police officials, he was forced to engage the military, which in the fight against cartels contributed 50,000 troops from various branches.

According to estimations of experts, each year through Mexico to the United States, Europe and Asia carry narcotics valued at more than 40 billion dollars. Great income and proximity to the rich U.S. market is the cause of bloody clashes between drug cartels seeking to have the upper hand on the smuggling channels.


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