Monday, February 13, 2012

4 Important issues that you need to ask yourself before you eat!!

Between everyday obligations,life has became so chaotic that even we start to eat fast food and actually what it will come in handy, whether is it healthy or not and whether we are actually so hungry or not.

1.Am i  hungry?

Many times I reach for food, such as potato chips or chocolate it took them so to kill my depression,because chocolate is known cure for it etc.. So next time you reach for food, first ask yourself, are you really hungry.

2.Do i  receive the necessary food nutrients?

We eat to live, which means food must give us vitamins and nutrients who will allow the normal functioning.All the Food we put in must be balanced. If you had a huge protein breakfast, then for lunch you should eat a meal with more iron and vitamin A, each meal and snack is part of the puzzle  called nutrition.

3. Does this food contains a good number of calories?

One meal may be healthy, but contains more calories than you should eat at that time of the day. Depending on your weight and desire of losing weight, make sure your breakfast contains from 300 to 500 calories, lunch and dinner between 400 and 600, a snack about 150.

4. Is there a healthier alternative?

A healthier option in baking foods or making peanut butter is to use plain butter rather than unhealthy other kinds of butter, sometimes we do not like to do this as we do not like the taste of plain butter as much as other butters, however using the plain butter in baking is far more nutritious and should be selected.


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