Monday, February 13, 2012

Approved the first cure for skin cancer in the U.S.

Following a extended review, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a capsule that is developed by the  biotechnology company "Kurus Ink." For treatment of advanced stage of skin cancer - the most common type of cancer.
The drug will be marketed under the name "Erivedge " and it is expected that for the patients who are suffering from this type of cancer will be available within two weeks.

The skin cancer usually removed with minor surgery in a clinic , but "Erivedge " will apply to those patients whose cancers fall deeper into the skin and began to spread. Capsule is designed so that its ingredients affect only molecules of cancer.

The cost is about $ 7,500 per month

Treatment for this cancer discovered "Geneteh" department of Swiss pharmaceutical company, "Rohe Holding", based on the composition of which developed the "Kurus Ink.".

The cost of the drug, which should be taken once a day is estimated at $ 7,500 a month for patients from the United States. The EU is awaiting the decision of European regulators whether and under what conditions will sell the drug.

Forecasts of the experts are most concerned with the size of the earnings of this drug, not the number of patients that drug could cure.

Namely, it is expected that revenues from this product will exceed one billion dollars annually, of which "Lexington" will get only part of the profit.


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