Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are you hipohondric or the symptoms are real?

Do you often you are going to feel pain somewhere in the body and immediately you think you have a terminal illness? Do all your discomfort, chest pain, stomach or any other piece of your body think you are suffering from cancer, severe heart disease or incurable viral infection?

If the answer is "yes", believe you are unique. Almost every second person is sometimes in life considering this, but it's not a problem. Sometimes these thoughts are good, because it makes you do review, and thus have the health check.

However, if this happens every day you are then among the people who call hipohondrici. It may not be a serious outbreak, but however often you visit your doctor. However, this article will talk about hypochondria as a phenomenon or problem, but I will explain some symptoms, they may be problematic, and when only ordinary passable and side effects.

Bemka or melanoma?

When bemka, and when melanoma? Do you ever happened to you look at some bemka and doubt whether it is just bemka or work for melanoma? Do you happen to find bemka which has never seen before and think it is melanoma? Daily clinics appear people who doubt whether a particular bemka behind hiding something terrible. Here briefly when the birth mark is worth particular attention.

- Change the size and shape, and is larger and has a strange look, not as we know, that clearly distinguishes
- Change the color of brown becoming black
- Appears suddenly and rapidly growing
- Begins to bleed

It is useful to know that women malanomite usually appear on legs and trunk in men. Also advise, never fails to touch, scratch or Thorn. If you doubt your bemka immediately visit a doctor.

Dehydration or Diabetes?

Often you are going you are thirsty and you can not tread thirst? I think you may have problems with sugar? Do not think immediately, however Match January thirst caused by a disorder of metabolism and dehydration. If sometimes you are going you are thirsty and may not be turned off thirst, and previously have not been training or hard work do not think immediately of diabetes.

Dehydration can occur from over-heating, dry air, yesterday's heavy salty meal and the like. But if every day there is intense thirst, thirst that you can not be turned off even out of temperetura below zero, the real problem and you must immediately call a doctor.

Headaches or brain tumor?

Realistically, brain tumors are rare and not always give a sharp headache as a symptom. If you frequently suffer from headache problem try to ask around, time or dynamic lifestyle. However, if symptoms are unsustainable and do not stop long, you still must call the doctor. You do not have to work for cancer, but you need to make analyzes


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