Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How much salt should we use?

In recent decades, our region is noted a significant increase in the consumption of salt. Scientists believe that 6 to 8 g. salt per day is a normal amount that would be beneficial for our body. By contrast, in our region is observed intake of salt and 20 g. per day per person, which is worrying.

Intake of large quantities of salt organism contributes to increased blood pressure, and thus other diseases blood pressure to bear with me as a heart attack and stroke whose risk zolemuva several times. Before taking any product for consumption, always look at the label and tell how much salt it contains.

Intake of too much salt is a very big problem in the world as it is a problem importing large amounts of sugar, or even larger. Intake of large amounts of salt in organism other than wrong affect blood pressure also affects vision.

Reducing the intake of salt in the organism is not a simple task, precisely because in almost every product, salt is cited as a normal ingredient. However it is worth noting that if an effort to reduce the amount of salt in the organism at least up to 10 g. day would have much healthier body, would reduce the chances of heart attack or stroke, and thus the chances of premature death.

Certainly, it is harmful if not enter salt because it causes disturbances in many metabolic processes.


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