Monday, February 27, 2012

Interesting facts about heart and diseases!

No doubt you know how to "steal or break" someone's heart. But besides that, you know about the body that keeps you in daily life? Are you adept at keeping his health as you are adept at pre spongy? 
The new section "Cardio guide" we present current topics and clarify many dilemmas associated with heart health and blood vessels. 

The facts speak for uniqueness of the cardiovascular system 

1.Beginning and end 
The heart starts beating 4 weeks after conception and never stops until death; 
That beat the average 100,000 times a day; 

- The volume of blood that passes through the heart in one minute can vary - from 5 to 30 liters a minute. The average overall blood from the body passes through the heart three times within one minute; 

- During the whole life will pass through the heart blood enough to fill three supertanker; 

Heart on the left side of chest. It is primarily located in the middle of his chest and bent towards the left side of chest; 

Diametar the main blood vessel - the aorta in an adult is about 3cm izlezishte from his heart. In your environment as for the size hoses for irrigation. 

In its ongoing arterial tree multiplied branched. The end time occur - capillaries whose diameter is drastically smaller, about 1/10 of the hair fibers; 

The total length of all blood vessels in the body is about 95,000 km; 

5.Activities and leisure 
The heart rests in a short section of a second between beats; 
And when odmorame body, the heart works more muscles of the legs of a man who runs a sprint; 

This organic system with its fascinating simplicity and krucijalnost attracts attention. But there is a hidden side - cardiovascular and other systems in the body is susceptible to diseases. Indeed, these disorders participate with the largest percentage in all diseases and conditions. 

The facts speak for severity and frequency of cardiovascular diseases 

The most common heart disease is coronary artery disease (ischemic heart disease). 

Up to 20% of strokes remain unrecognized. That half of the cases due to lack or atypical simtpomi, while the other half due to the lack of recognition of symptoms by the patient and / or physicians. 

People with diabetes and older people may not have classic symptoms of chest pain during a heart attack. 

7.Women's Health 
Although women in the reproductive period are protected from disease and kardiovsakularnite they kalsificiraat such diseases in men, yet their place in the women's world is not at all negligible. Heart diseases are responsible for twice the mortality rate among women than all types of cancer combined. 

8.Teight timing 
Most heart attacks occur in the early morning hours. Then the stress hormone cortisol is highest, and also bloody is condensed and poteksha pumping due to partial dehydration during the night 

9.90 minutes 
90 minutes - that's the maximum time that should pass after a patient called the doctor first, to transfer the institution katetrizaciona laboratory and initiation of percutaneous coronary intervention. 
The U.S. daily occurring about 4000 myocardial infarctions or about 3 minutes each. 

Moderate and regular physical activity reduces the risk of occurrence of cardiovascular disease by 40%. 

Why is it important to cater for the health of the heart and blood vessels? 

According to the State Statistical Office in 2010 only 57.9% of total mortality in the Republic of Macedonia in the context of diseases of circulatory system diseases (cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases). If this grupagi odzememe cerebrovascular disease, about 40% of total mortality attributable to the diseases of the cardiovascular system.


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