Saturday, March 3, 2012

Am I "normal"?

What it means to be normal in psychological sense? Concerns about thoughts, emotions, feelings and reactions are equally frequent and physical problems, yet there is tremendous variation in the patient or physician considers "normal."

It is normal to sometimes feel sad, tired and anxious if I walk through a bad period or we have lost the job, but if life in general is good. Some women accept mild irritability and poor concentration as part of their hormonal changes, while others have the opinion that it is not normal and seek medical help.

Also the degree of symptoms may vary - mild sadness can be made while crying everyday Sun

Some people have more pronounced traits when they are depressed, anxious or bad mood and this is what they considered "normal", while others, such symptoms are considered abnormal.

So now, as your doctor will determine if your psyche and emotions are "normal"? Usually, you will be asked.

If we manage to deal with the way you think, behavior and feelings, all funkcionra normal, keeping the house clean, not neglecting in any way, you have a permanent working place, a stable relationship, have friends, then you've probably somewhere in normal.

However, if your symptoms disrupt daily life affect you as yourself and others around you, then perhaps there is a problem. There are cultural, social and ethnic variations of what is "normal" behavior and ekpresija of emotion.

If you are concerned that you are not "normal" visit your doctor and explain your concerns. But be prepared that your doctor may reassure you, and in that case that you simply accept a variation of "normal" and that you can continue your life as now


  1. normal is a made up word. no one should try to be a made up word.