Friday, March 30, 2012

Angry peppers key to healthy heart!!

Angry peppers are the key to a healthy heart, say researchers from Hong Kong. They found that the ingredients that give the anger pepper, reduce high blood pressure and holesterolot.

Angry peppers have a potential to protect against heart disease, which is lethal for most people in developed countries. The survey conducted by Chinese University of Hong Kong, was directed at a group substances, known as kapsaicinoidi that anger give the peppers.

"The research has expanded knowledge of how substances in hot peppers help to improve heart health. Now we have clear and detailed picture of their impact on genes and other mechanisms that affect cholesterol and the health of blood vessels. Our research is one of the first providing such information, "said Dr. Zheng Yu Chen, who headed the research.

For the purposes of research scientists subjected two groups of hamsters visokoholesterolna diet, followed by one group gave promeniliv kapsaicinoidi.

Then they analyzed the consequences. Showed that angry substances reduce levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the body and increase the breakdown and separation.

They also blocked the operation of the gene that reduces the arteries, restricting blood flow to the heart and other organs. Due to blocking, the muscles relax and expand and it allows greater blood flow.

"We reached the conclusion that kapsaicinoidite suitable for the improvement of numerous factors associated with heart health and normal blood pressure. But do not recommend people to eat large quantities of hot peppers. Good nutrition is a matter of balance. And remember hot peppers are not replacing prescribed drugs with proven beneficial effect. But., they can be a good addition for fans of angry, "said Dr. Chen.


  1. Dayum they look so good. Useful too xD

  2. I cant eat those. It's to spicy!

  3. I ate this once. Never more!

  4. They are a staple ingredient in Thai diets. Many Thai girls I've heard from consider their good health a result of their diet in the very first place.

  5. I love spice, so this is good to hear ^^