Friday, March 9, 2012

Gene which protects against cancer and is credited for permanent bending line!!

Recent studies show that PTEN gene not only protects the body from cancer, but there are other noble traits.
This gene except that, according to research, is a tumor suppressor, has a number of useful features which "just have not been revealed."

Scientists from the Spanish National Center for Research on Cancer has recently done an experiment. The mice are injected an extra dose of this gene. Namely, both humans and mice PTEN gene is one of the key genes responsible for control of cell growth and signaling the same when it's time to stop razvvaat and die.

When cancer starts to spread PTEN gene is one of those first to destroy cancerous cells to stop they can begin their rapid growth and thus lead to the occurrence of tumor.

Mice that received more than the recommended dose of PTEN gene had cancer.

This is potentially good news for the expansion of these genes in the fight against cancer.

Mice with extra PTEN as a consequence have a metabolic imbalance as it would wish to have all people worldwide.

Experimental mice ate more, were slender Mon.

Although we are several years away from the findings what impact will this have on the human gene, the first results are encouraging.