Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Revolutionary pacemaker the size of Tic-Tak candy..

Pacemaker-sized candy Tic Tak is a device that can avoid major heart surgery because implanted through the veins in the groin.

The small pacemaker could be a revolution in medicine and save lives. Be implanted without the need for major surgery, and the cycle of electrical impulses can be adjusted by wireless. Of course, these controls is in charge of trained medical personnel.

The new pacemaker is 20 times smaller than standard, which during the operation with wires connected to the heart.

"The new pacemaker is implanted for five to ten minutes. It is easier, faster, cheaper process that does not require major surgery. When the pacemaker will come into place, it can be analyzed, programmed and full, and last seven years "- said company spokesman manufacturer, Meditronic.

The company believes that the new pacemaker will change the way of treating heart disease, especially in poorer areas where there are not many highly trained doctors.


  1. Just WOW! This will definitely save some lives. I know a couple of people that will probably need one of these things soon if they don't change their lifestyles.

  2. thats really incredible

  3. It's amazing how far technology has come!